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i like a guy & don't know him&I've liked him for a while & still haven't done anything about it, i've spoke to him once & we've smiled and looked at each other a few times. Is it better to just go for it & ask him out, say i wana get to know him better and go from there or do i wait and go with the flow, cause if it's meant to be it will be someday idk not the most confident person u see and i'm scared of rejection cause i've gotten so attached even though i don't know him ah i just don't know asked by Anonymous

honestly it depends what you’re after, if you want to know if it’s an option then you may as well go for it so you don’t spend your time wondering but just do it in a relaxed kinda way cause boys get spooked super quick. it’s like trying not to make a toddler cry whilst wearing a chuckie mask sometimes.
but if you’re keen to just hang out with him, get to know him and make a judgement on how that goes then just make him want to talk to you. chat to his mates (not flirty, just get to know them), hit up some of the same parties or gigs and don’t crowd him but just be yourself, tell jokes and have fun then i kid you not within a few casual encounters it’s like a moth to a flame.
only advise is- don’t smother him, don’t be a bitch and don’t put out too early.
“boys are all about sticking it in, not about sticking around”- one of my angry drunken quotes.
good luck !

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"Stay single until someone actually compliments your life in a way that makes it better not to be single. If not, it’s not worth it." —(via sufferxthexagony)

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Does anyone else think this looks like a ghost wearing a shirt leaping through the desert or is that just me

isnt that the point?

Alexander Wang S/S 2015

"Sogni e Risvegli", Elizaveta Adamenko by Pamela Hanson for Vanity Fair Italia 27th August 2014.

Courtney Eaton Shot by Romain Duquesne For Oyster #105


arthur bb

Pale Death

Rei Kawakubo, by Donald Drawbertson

Details at Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 RTW



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